Crypto Playing Cards present at the 2019 MPWR Summit

Crypto Playing Cards are making their way around the world!

On March 12 2019, the MPWR Crypto Mining Summit will take place in Vancouver. During this one-day event, Crypto Playing Cards will be given to Expert Speakers, as a little goodie and souvenir. The list of Expert Speakers can be consulted here.

MPWR 2019 brings together an international group of medium to large-scale crypto miners, researchers, utility companies, power producers, machine learning enthusiasts, developers, regulators, and political leaders to discuss the crypto mining industry. Some of the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the digital mining industry, including its nexus with AI, will be addressed by the curated lineup of 10+ expert speakers. Other highlights will include discussions on mining network trends, ‘green’ mining, evaluating crypto mining firms, and the emerging regulatory landscape.

This mid-sized summit offers space for 400 industry professionals. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and debate latest developments and ideas, while collaborating with the industry’s forward-thinking leaders during interactive expert-level panel discussions. 

More infos about the MPWR Crypto Mining Summit here!

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