Blockchain Gaming (CoinFest Vancouver)

Crypto Playing Cards will be attending CoinFest Vancouver, through the amazing BlockchainGaming Expo!

CoinFest Vancouver will take place on April 1-7 2019. It holds crypto assets and occurs at venues that accept or support cryptocurrency (such as by accepting it for payments). Run by volunteers as a non-profit and funded by generous sponsors, it is free to attend!

BlockchainGaming is a portal for any video game using blockchain technology. It has partnered with major blockchain gaming platforms to offer convenient access to digital asset marketplaces, auctions, and more. It also works as blockchain gaming news aggregator, links to reviews of all the major blockchain games so that people can better decide where to spend their hard-earned cryptocurrency.

More infos about CoinFest Vancouver here! Facebook event here!

More infos about BlockchainGaming here!

Earn a commission on each sale!

Crypto Playing Cards has set up an Affiliate Program for Influencers!

You can become an affiliate after registering on our website, in the affiliate area. All the logins infos are managed by, so we don’t have access to your data.

We’ve just set up an Affiliate Program. Through this program, anyone will be able to earn a commission (e.g. 10%) of each sale they generated through their referral links.

After login, you will be able to change your password, and generate your referral link. You will also find different banners, linked to your referral link, that you’ll be able to use directly on any website you own.

You will have access to any sale generated through your link and get paid whenever a minimum amount is reached (e.g. $20).

Crypto Playing Cards at CoinFestUK

Crypto Playing Cards are making a name for themselves!

On April 4-6th 2019, CoinFestUK will take place in Manchester, UK. During this event, Crypto Playing Cards will be free to play with in the “Relax Areas”. They might also be won by attendees through a raffle, which offers many other amazing and fun goodies!

CoinFestUK is a global crypto gathering, hosting crypto workshops, exhibitions, activities and art. It is also showcasing a range of crypto projects/exhibitions. They will have new and old exhibitors returning, popular workshops and a great speaker lineup. And the event is FREE! (and apparently, they also have free pizza!).

More infos about CoinFestUK here!

Next to Bill Gates!

Amazing article about Crypto Playing Cards in “Poker 52”, a magazine printed and published in the whole of France!

Poker 52 is a French magazine. In its March edition, the redaction decided to have a section about cryptocurrencies. It provides current news about poker in France in the world, reporting about important tournaments, results and rankings.

In its March (2019) edition, Poker 52 decided to dedicate a few pages to cryptocurrencies, and mentioned us!

Right beside a quote from Bill Gates, praising the blockchain, and explanations about the term #rekt, a nice article about Crypto Playing Cards can be read.

The content of the article is barely readable on the picture, but it is very similar to this great piece, written by and featuring Isabelle Mercier (a famous professional poker player) talking about the cards.

Crypto Playing Cards present at the 2019 MPWR Summit

Crypto Playing Cards are making their way around the world!

On March 12 2019, the MPWR Crypto Mining Summit will take place in Vancouver. During this one-day event, Crypto Playing Cards will be given to Expert Speakers, as a little goodie and souvenir. The list of Expert Speakers can be consulted here.

MPWR 2019 brings together an international group of medium to large-scale crypto miners, researchers, utility companies, power producers, machine learning enthusiasts, developers, regulators, and political leaders to discuss the crypto mining industry. Some of the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the digital mining industry, including its nexus with AI, will be addressed by the curated lineup of 10+ expert speakers. Other highlights will include discussions on mining network trends, ‘green’ mining, evaluating crypto mining firms, and the emerging regulatory landscape.

This mid-sized summit offers space for 400 industry professionals. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and debate latest developments and ideas, while collaborating with the industry’s forward-thinking leaders during interactive expert-level panel discussions. 

More infos about the MPWR Crypto Mining Summit here!