Shipping costs

Crypto Playing Cards are shipped from Switzerland. It is not a dropshipping model. We do the packaging and shipping ourselves, so we can have a better quality control. Unfortunately, shipping from Switzerland is quite expensive, so we must add a shipping charge, which will depend on where the order has to be sent.

Please, take advantage of the flat rate shipping we apply for the Cards! For example, you can order 8 decks and get only one shipping charge, as indicated below!

As for the the T-shirts and other accessories, this is a dropshipping model. We do not hold stocks of those, and they are shipped by our suppliers directly from various centres of distribution across the world.

Here are the tables indicating the prices that we currently apply (CHF/USD):

Products🇨🇭 Switzerland🇪🇺 Europe         🌎 World             
Playing Cards$ 1.99$ 2.49$ 2.99
1 deck
$ 1.99$ 2.49$ 2.99
2 decks$ 1.99$ 2.49$ 2.99
4 decks
$ 1.99$ 2.49$ 2.99
8 decks$ 1.99$ 2.49$ 2.99
9+ decksFREE 🆓✅FREE 🆓✅FREE 🆓✅
T-shirt$ 1.99$ 2.49$ 2.99
Accessories$ 1.99$ 2.49$ 2.99
> $ 100FREE 🆓✅FREE 🆓✅FREE 🆓✅